Urban Dreams
1410 6th Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50314

Phone Number:
(515) 288-4742

Fax Number:
(515) 284-5886


To improve the quality of life for all non-traditional client groups through a comprehensive information and referral component; to administer high-risk youth/adult projects utilizing a holistic approach; to consult in the areas of urban development and minority sensitivity; and to bridge the gap between the traditional and non-traditional communities.

What is Urban Dreams?

Since 1985, Urban Dreams has been providing Des Moines' inner city with a wide range of human service programs in a comfortable and non-threatening environment. Just as the problems that plague the inner city continue to evolve, Urban Dreams continues to change to meet them.

Urban Dreams offers programs that are in tune to the unique issues affecting Polk County's economically depressed areas. Programs including information and referral and ex-offender support have been just two of the services that Urban Dreams offers at no cost.

Founded in 1985 by Wayne Ford, Urban Dreams has become a community staple. Ford's dream was to build a program that would provide an array of human services to those who needed them most but were unable to find them through traditional channels. The philosophy behind Urban Dreams is to offer services that meet the ever growing and constantly changing needs of our community. Urban Dreams' non-traditional model of providing human support programs has become a model for human service/community agencies helping other communities throughout Iowa and the country.

Every member of Urban Dreams' staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Urban Dreams' building is a "safe haven" where people can come to watch TV, use the telephone or just relax.

Located in the heart of Des Moines' inner city, Urban Dreams is accessible to those who need it most. This area leads Polk County in high school drop out rates, ex-offender residency, gang participation, abandoned property, overall crime rates, and other problems too numerous to mention.

Urban Dreams has served as an urban social services training ground for counselors and social workers, some of whom have gone on to start their own organizations.

Urban Dreams works closely with area churches, Polk County government, area colleges and universities, and numerous other organizations and businesses mutually committed to the betterment of the community. Along with the funding and support of contributing individuals and corporations, these organizations see their participation as an investment in the future of Des Moines and the state of Iowa.

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